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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yes, Guys CAN be GoldDiggers Too!

So not too long ago, I lent money to a guy I was seeing at the time. Now keep these factors in mind, 1. I had never loaned money to a date before. 2. I had only met the guy a week and a half ago. 3. I said to myself "well, why not give it a try? maybe this will turn out ok." BAD,bad, Bad idea! I can't stress this enough! Not only did I inconvenience myself so that I as a single mom was short on cash, but the guy refused to pay me back. In fact he went so far as to say he meant to rip me off the entire time even though he had originally promised to pay double the amount back! I discussed this issue with several friends including my male mentors...and the bottom line is, never EVER loan money to any guy you are in a relationship with. Being in a relationship with someone complicates things in the financial department. More likely than not, the guy/girl will not feel the need to pay you back. After all, they are supposed to be special to you, they rationalize and with the backrubs they give you or the times they wash your car, it will eventually all even out. Besides ladies, look at it this way. If you are with a guy who needs to borrow money from you, your are with the wrong man! He needs to take care of you, NOT the other way around! And p.s. I ended having to have my lawyer get my money back...but who wants all the drama? Sigh..until next time folks. :)