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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Games

So I'm sure everyone knows someone who is addicted to video games. Me? I know several. It seems like every time us kids get together, there will be four or five guys down in the basement, shooting it out. I have in an attempt to be "cool" gone and sat down and tried my best to figure out whats going on. Does it work? Hell no! First of all, the guys are talking code to one another and don't bother to ask what they are saying as they will only reply with an annoyed glance. The high tech machinery, the fabulous graphics, and the fast paced movement of the games is intriguing and completely mind boggling. Yet I foolishly decided to try and play..Let's just say that I was helplessly lost within 5 secs. and literally did not know if I was upside down or right side up in the game.  My competitors killed me mercilessly and I ran head on into the majority of the scenery. Aughhh...yet these games do bring a relative degree of peace to the rest of us ladies as we do our own thing knowing our men will be occupied for a long, long time. Great Christmas presents for the man in your life who will look you straight in the eye and really mean it when he says thank you. :p

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