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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking to spice up your life?

So who isn't tired of clicking through thousands of profiles on unorganized and cluttered dating sites? Or if the site is good, the selection is limited. Such has been my experience with dating sites such as plenty of fish, speed date, singlesnet, and okcupid, just to name a few. How many times have you sighed in exasperation as you waded through double digits of emails from men (if you can call them that, i prefer boys) who you would not consider dating in a million years...its  so time consuming to go through and delete them and so I would often just leave the messages thus causing undue clutter. I even tried herway, another site where women could go and check out prospects' profiles without their knowledge and be able to contact them. Concept? Great. Selection? Horrible. So my newest venture is The site promotes screening all applicants and only the lucky few are chosen. And best of all, women, the men on here are successful and hot. The only downfall is its free to apply, but to truly communicate you have to pay a membership fee. But hey, whats a measly $200 if you land a millionaire, right? As with everything, love is an investment. You get as much as you give. Best of luck, ladies and gents!

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