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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guys-How Do They Get Away With It All?

Sooo..I'm beginning to think that all guys should be hooked up to lie detectors the first weeks into a relationship. At least on the first date..I mean really, what is up with the caliber of men out there now a days? Why is it that whenever a girl finds a guys who is decently attractive and appears to have a good job, career etc., she soon finds out A. He has already been married once or twice. B. He really is unemployed. C. He thinks world of warcraft is the real world. D. His buddies' opinions mean more than yours and he is permanently attached to them. E. He really does think he deserves Eva Longoria. and F. He needs constant reassurance that he is good enough for you. I could go on all night, but ladies, you get the idea! Why can't guys be honest and straightforward from day one, so two or three weeks in, there isn't that awkward, "Yeah, I'm not really into long-distance relationships," or "Yeah, I was really hoping for Megan Fox.." Comments anyone? Don't be afraid to defend yourself guys. :)


  1. LOL - I think you have to look at it from both sides. For instance.....

    I am beginning to think that every girl should get their eyes/ears checked at the beginning of every relationship. I can't believe how many girls dive head-first into relationships that are misunderstood from the very beginning.
    1. If I say I am not looking for "the ONE" - Guess what - I am not looking for Anything long term at all!
    2. If your friends are all telling you that I am Bad News - You cannot fix me, Do not try!! The sex will be great, but the fights will be worse. Soon it will be either one or the other at all times.
    3. If your first impression of me is as a pickup artist/ladies man - Stop - Run Away - Do not let me talk my way out of it! Common Sense, ladies. I hate having to explain why my friend never called you. (yes - I do have friends who are douchebags - doesn't make them bad, just stupid. They will grow up eventually.)

    Many guys try to hide who they are for the beginning of the relationship - most of them for the wrong reasons. However, when it does come out what they are in the relationship for, just as many women either don't listen or assume they can change the men. (don't try!)
    As a general rule, if you are unsure of a guys intentions - tell him you are celibate. The guys that it doesn't bother are the good guys - If not throw them back. - I look forward to your response.

  2. Thanks for providing the dictionary to guys' vague terminology. I have to agree that what you have shared makes a lot of sense. My really big bone of contention with men in general though is that they will pull these scenarios on decent women who don't understand what the hell is going on. Hopefully this blog will help enlighten us all. :)

  3. I say that every man/woman should have to sport a jacket that resembles a letterman's jacket. For every good/bad deed you do, you are now branded! This jacket ofcourse, MUST be worn on the first date and CANNOT be altered by the owner. MAYBE then, our actions would be thought over before attempting. :>)

  4. lol wow, stacy, got to say i absolutely LOVE the idea! the only thing is, the downside would be that the men require us women to wear one would be interesting to see who would come out on top the majority of time..(the women, of course :p)

  5. I do agree with you that guys should be open and honest and upfront with us girls even on a date or while chatting with them online, but don't forget that us girls are the same way at times too. For instance when you go on a date with a man for a sexual incounter don't expect him to ask you for your number at the end of the night. If we want a relationship then we have ever right to say so without scaring the men off. We also must be realistic with ourselves too, if the guy's profile screams good boy then don't expect to change him into something he is not. You should never expect someone to change for you, specially if you are not willing to change for that someone as well. Words of wisdom.